BCWSA Announces List of AAP Funding Recipients

BC Wheelchair Sports Association is pleased to announce that the following athletes have been chosen to receive AAP provincial funding. This funding will be used support their high-performance lifestyle, including travel to tournaments, equipment, and additional coaching and sport science support.

Congratulations to:

Leanne Kelly - Basketball
Alec Kendall - Basketball
Avril Harris - Basketball
Amanda Yan - Basketball
Wendy Jansen - Basketball
Joel Ewert - Basketball
John Kosterman - Basketball
Jessica Vliegenthart - Basketball
Ben Hagkull - Basketball
Steph Park - Basketball
Alphonsus To - Basketball
Riley Martin - Basketball
Jon Vliegenthart - Basketball
Tomas Bourassa - Tennis
Mika Ishikawa - Tennis
Eddy Solla - Athletics
Tristan Smyth - Athletics
Jessye Brockway - Athletics
Djami Diallo - Athletics
Nathan Dewitt - Athletics
Jeff Scott - Rugby/Athletics
Andrew Davis - Rugby/Athetics
Kaspar Shouldice - Rugby
Jessica Kruger - Rugby
Peter Isherwood - Rugby
Jordon Dycke - Rugby

If you have any questions, please contact: Gail Hamamoto, Executive Director of BC Wheelchair Basketball Society at gail@bcwheelchairsports.com or 604-333-3520.