Western Canada Summer Games are right around the corner.

Dakoda Darling (left) and Sedrick Skabar (right) are ready to represent BC at the Western Canada Summer Games in Wood Buffalo, Alberta. 

This will be the third time BCWSA has sent athletes to the games, and we’re looking forward to seeing these guys compete in the 200 metre, 400 metre, and the 1500 metre wheelchair racing events. The last time the games were held we saw our own wheelchair racers Tristan Smyth take home three gold medals, while Djami Djallo took home a silver medal in the women’s 800 metre and 200 metre events.

They’ll be coached by longtime provincial wheelchair athletics coach James Hustvedt (centre). He’s held his position since 2005 and served in every Summer Games since. We can’t be more excited to watch this crew compete.

Nice big heads, guys. A possible nod to Duncan Campbell and Garrett Hickling?